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Note: This wiki has been in development since 2011 and has used all versions of GeoGebra from 2.0 on. The software has undergone multiple significant revisions over the years. We have attempted to revise pages to reflect these changes in GeoGebra, but may have missed some required fixes. Thus you may at points find that the instructions given do not work with the present version of GeoGebra and/or that some of the GeoGebra sample files do not open correctly. 



Open Source Software Dynamically Linking Number, Algebra, and Geometry

OAME 2011: May 12-14 2011: Geoff Roulet & Jill Lazarus


Using GeoGebra to Provide Online Exploration and Collaboration

OAME 2011: May 12-14 2011: Geoff Roulet


Connecting Representations of Linear Relations Using GeoGebra

OAME 2011: May 12-14 2011: Jill Lazarus 


GeoGebra at the CAAT

St. Lawrence College: November 2013: Geoff Roulet


Expanding Your Course Website to Support Student Sharing and Collaboration

Quinte - St Lawrence Mathematics Association (QSLMA): Feb 2, 2013: Geoff Roulet & Jill Lazarus 


GeoGebra: Training and Application in Post-Secondary Learning Environment

Ontario Colleges Mathematics Association (OCMA): Winter 2013 PD Session: Geoff Roulet & Jill Lazarus


Using a Wiki, GeoGebra, and Jing to Support Blended Collaboration in Mathematics

OAME 2013: Think BIG: May 2-4 2013: Jill Lazarus & Geoff Roulet 


GeoGebra: An Interactive Dynamic Mathematics Tool
Quinte - St Lawrence Mathematics Association (QSLMA): Nov 2, 2013: Meghan Donnelly & Geoff Roulet



GeoGebra-NA2014 Workshop: Constructing and Sharing an Online GeoGebra Learning Object

Fifth North American GeoGebra Conference: Nov 21-22, 2014

OISE, Toronto: Geoff Roulet



Accessing GeoGebra








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