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Using GeoGebra to Provide Online Exploration and Collaboration

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Using GeoGebra to Create Online Interactive Explorations


GeoGebra, since it is written in Java, integrates well with the Web.  The software has tools for creating a Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage or for copying the code for applets that may be embedded in wiki pages or in pages within Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Desire to Learn (D2L) or Moodle.  With these tools you can create mathematical objects with which your students can interact.


Click here for an example of a Dynamic Worksheet: Score_a_Basket.html that could be used in the Ontario Grade 10 Academic course.


Click here for a second example, a Triangle Classification Game that could be used in the Geometry and Spatial Sense strand of Grade 5.


Click Modelling Gas Prices for an example of an applet and instructions embedded in a wiki page.  This example combines the use of Jing for making and showing screen recordings with GeoGebra.  


Teachers across the globe are contributing to a pool of these online GeoGebra resources at GeoGebra Tube


Explore Area of Parallelograms, Patron du Cube or Happy Halloween


Creating a GeoGebra based online learning object as a stand-alone webpage or as an applet embedded in a wiki or LMS page is quite easy.  Click on the links below to access instructions for these two options.


Creating a Dynamic Worksheet as a webpage


Embedding GeoGebra Applets in wiki or LMS pages



Using GeoGebra to Display and Share Student Work


The simple production of webpages displaying GeoGebra products provides students with a tool to display and share their mathematical work. Steve Phelps, a teacher at Madeira High School (Cincinnati, OH), has set up a wiki (http://madeiramath2.wikispaces.com/) where his students in the Honours Geometry course post their solutions to problems. Many of these involve the use of GeoGebra.  Some also employ screen videos that allow the students to fully explain their thinking as they work though a task.


Go to: http://madeiramath2.wikispaces.com/


See the work posted by Abby J and Andrea W


Go to: http://madeiramath2.wikispaces.com/3D  to see a screen cast by Amy S showing work in 3 D geometry using the beta version of GeoGebra 5.0 (http://www.geogebra.org/webstart/5.0/geogebra-50.jnlp).


Go to the Method 3: Special Triangle page in the wiki for Jill Lazarus' Grade 10 Academic (MPM2D) course where students employ GeoGebra and Jing to share and discuss how to use similarity of triangles to determine the height of an inaccessible object.


A motivating task for students is the creation of animated Seasons' Greetings cards using GeoGebra to build and animate the objects and Jing (screen capture) to create a video. A journal article by Jill Lazarus and Geoff Roulet describing such a project appeared in the June 2013 issue of the European Journal of Contemporary Education. This article can be accessed by clicking the link below.


Lazarus, J., & Roulet, G. (2013). Creating a YouTube-Like collaborative environment in mathematics: Integrating animated GeoGebra constructions and student-generated screencast videos. European Journal of Contemporary Education, 4(2), 117-128.



Using GeoGebra to Support Collaborative Exploration and Problem Solving


By combining a wiki (PBworks) with GeoGebra we can set up an online environment for students to work collaboratively on mathematics problems.


For examples of this go to: http://collabmath.pbworks.com/



















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