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GeoGebra: Training and Application in Post-Secondary Learning Environment

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Morning Session: Overview of GeoGebra


In this session we will look at a number of examples of how GeoGebra might be employed by you and your students within the CAAT program. The demonstration of these examples will likely not be sufficient to fully explain the details of working with GeoGebra, but hopefully they will give you a sense of the power of this free open-source mathematics tool. The wiki page for each example provides additional detail.


Workshop: Constructing and Sharing an Online GeoGebra Learning Object


In this session we will together construct a GeoGebra learning object and learn how to export this as a webpage to share with students. During the construction we will develop skill with a range of GeoGebra functions. After constructing the common learning object participants will be free to experiment with building a learning object to address a topic in any course they are teaching. Individual questions and issues will be addressed at that time.

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