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Power Cable Route

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Using the above image showing the CREC collector substation (middle of the island), the shore point at Kingston, and the two west and east possible extreme locations for the shore point on Wolfe Island (other 2 points of quadrilateral); we will locate key points on the Graphics 2 window.


1. Select the GeoGebra New Point tool  and use this to add the 4 key points related to the cable route

  • If after adding a point you do not like its location you can drag it with the Move tool


2. Once you are satisfied with the point locations fix them by:

  • Right-click on a point
  • Select Object Properties...
  • Under the Basic tab click Fix Object


3. Using the Basic, Color and Style tabs you could adjust the look of the points and whether or not the labels and/or values for the points will show


4. If you wish to use a more descriptive name for any object, right-click the object, select Rename, enter the new name and click OK


5. We need a movable point that indicates the location where the cable will come ashore on Wolfe Island.

  • Add a line segment between the west and east extreme points by

- click the line tools menu icon 

- select the Segment between Two Points tool

- construct the segment along the Wolfe Island shore by left-clicking on one end point and then the other

  • Use the Object Properties... option to make any desired changes to the look of the line segment
  • Add a movable point on the segment by:

- select the New Point menu and then select Point on Object

- Move your cursor to the line segment and left-click


6. We need to know the location of the movable point relative to one of the fixed extreme end points, east or west

  • Add a second segment over the first between an extreme end point and the movable point (see 5 above)
  • Use the Object Properties... option to make any desired formatting and name changes to this new segment
  • With the Move tool drag the movable point through the range of possible positions where the cable could come ashore
  • In the Algebra view you should see the value for the length of the segment changing
  • It might be useful to have the length (Value) of this line segment displayed on the picture 


7. Construct line segments to represent the land portion and water portion of the cable route

  • Use the Object Properties... option to format these segments, assign meaningful names, and display the values (lengths)


8. Use the Input window (bottom of GeoGebra window) to input a formula for TotalDistance


Your GeoGebra software should look something like the image below. If you are having difficulties you can click on the image and open or download the GeoGebra file.








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