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GeoGebra-NA2014 Workshop: Using the CAS View tools

Page history last edited by Geoff Roulet 9 years, 6 months ago

Beginning with the applet in the worksheet follow the steps on the Using the Spreadsheet View page to construct a polynomial regression model for the TotalCost curve and port the model to the Graphics View and Algebra view. The applet that results is linked from the image directly below.



The function model, g(x), can be manipulated within the GeoGebra CAS View. The approach and tools that students might use depend upon their school level. Those in senior secondary or university/college courses might employ Calculus as in the sequence of steps below.


1. Open the CAS window by View > CAS and drag the windows to give a full view of CAS


2. Type g(x) in the first CAS line and <Enter>. This ports the function model from the Algebra View to the CAS window where CAS tools may be used.


3. Select the CAS box with the function g(x) by clicking in the right column and then select the Derivative tool .


4. Click on the small circle in the left column of the line now holding the derivative of g(x) to generate a new function f(x) = the expression for g'(x).


5. In second line of the CAS window type f(x)=0 and <Enter>


6. Select the f(x) = 0 row in the CAS window and then select the Solve tool 


7. Your solution will likely be in exact rational form. If you want a decimal value select the PointList by clicking on the small circle in the left column and then select the Numeric Value tool


The PointList in the second row of the CAS window will now show the solution in decimal form as in the image below.








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